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About time you showed up :)

What took you so long ?

Welcome to the St James Hotel, I am your host, Mistress Rachel . This is a site I hope will be used to help out new Christians . I put some Rebecca St James stuff in here because I think she could be a big help to them spiritually. There's alot more here so take a look around and enjoy yourself!
I've kinda gone off Angelina Jolie now, but I've left her in the site b/c I think she's another person you could learn from.

The Latest .

This has'nt been updated for awhile since I've been abroad so I'm making up for it now !. I'm so glad you are looking at this site , my prayer is that it will help new believers in their walk with God . If you are a new believer , I just want to say that it is the best decision you will ever make . Things will not be easy for you , but trust God completely no matter the circumstances and hang in there !. If you have any questions or you just wanna talk I'm always here.
RSJ news :
Rebecca has released her third book entitled Wait For Me ( I have'nt got it yet :( ) anwyays, pls pray for her and expect the book to be awesome. .
My faves this month

Book: The Remnant by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Movie: Blade 2
Album: Laundry Service by Shakira
Tv Show: Dragonball Z and Charmed
Video: Below Utopia
Website :

Just note, I've added new stuff to most of the pages. If you have material I can use , email me and you'll get the credit if I put it on here.

God bless !

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