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Faith Builders

What I've learned that could help you.

I thought you could learn from my mistakes so here goes......
1. Keep secular stuff to a minimum.
2. Make sure you set a time for devotion & prayers EVERY day.
3. Don't do anything to ruin your testimony ,yes, I know this is hard to do but it's so important.
4. Know that you're not perfect and be ok with that.
5. Don't expect others to be perfect b/c you'll be dissapointed every time.
6. Make holiness your goal. You will never reach it, but it does help alot, both in the Christian life and in keeping your testimony.

I love this poem

Its beautiful ( sobs ) .

Campus Life mag.

This is a awesome Christian site with alot of good material. It has Media Q&A, devotionals, counselling , Christian music interviews, funny stories ...... you get the idea, LOL. Go to to join in the fun.

Jesus ' site

This is the ultimate site for new believers . If you are new to the faith , you need to check out this awesome site . You can watch the '' Jesus'' movie here too , its so good that thousands of ppl have given their lives to him after watching it Jesus's website


Left Behind.

This is a awesome fiction series about the end times . It'll leave you challenged to get serious with God , in fact I rededicated my life to him after reading it . Left Behind homepage




Check out John 16. 33