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Favorite Links:

All these sites have been tested and found worthy of mentioning .

Have fun !

The best search engine besides Yahoo . You can use this to search for Mp3's and pictures among other things .
You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
Sharon's page
This is a Christian poetry site. You'll love it , I promise .
Brio Magazine
A brilliant website for teen girls . And theres a new devotional to ponder over every day .
The Land Of Israel
The is one of the best Christian websites out there . You could easily spend all day looking around there .
The Jesus Freak hideout
Wow ! . theres everything and everything Christian music related there . The best site I've seen in ages. Theres alot of Rebecca stuff here too, if you're interested. And by the way, I recommend looking at the Crazy Captions first.

Joanne De vries's Rebecca st james site
My friend Joanne's Rebecca St James site.
virtual hell
This is a site where you can take a virtual tour of hell . Definately not for the fainthearted .
Joke database
Browse through 1000's of hilarious jokes . Be careful though because some are downright filthy .
Alyssa Milano's official site
This is the official site for Alyssa Milano ( Phoebe from Charmed ) Theres cool picture galleries, articles, chat transcripts, news , a personal note from Alyssa and more.

I am not responsible for the content on these sites. If you find something offensive in them, complain to the webmasters, not me !